How many positives can really come out of negative thinking?

Sure, you can learn from your failures, but we believe you can learn more from your successes.

Talking about successes, highlights and peak experiences energizes people. It inspires them. It creates momentum, which leads to more successes, highlights and peak experiences. And that's what you want in your organization, isn't it?

That's why we use the Appreciative Inquiry model in all of our coaching, facilitating and training work. In fact, we use AI in everything we do. That's how much we believe in it.

So what is AI, anyway?

At its core, AI is a series of questions. You see, the questions we ask shape the answers we get, which shape the actions we take. So if you start with negative questions, people feel blamed, defensive and demoralized. With AI, we ask only positive questions. Always. And those positive questions give way to new revelations and new possibilities. Always.

Our experience has shown us that AI works. It gets people talking. It converts cynics and ignites passions that may have been dormant for years.

Ultimately, AI is about humans. It's about collaboration and community. It's an inclusive, respectful process that gives a voice to everyone in your organization and connects you to your highest values, leaving a legacy of good will for you to build on.

"The job of leadership... is to align our strengths so that our weaknesses become irrelevant."
Peter Drucker