If no one is listening, how do you know when someone has a brilliant idea?

We aren't the only company that does this kind of work. Lots of other people do what we do. And they do it well too. What makes us different is how we do it.

One thing we'll never do is tell you what to do. Instead, we listen. That's it. We ask questions and then we listen to your answers. And we help you create conditions where you and your team mates can listen to each other. Because when you listen to each other and learn from each other, you build trust, which is the first step toward affecting lasting change.

Strengths-based Approach
Another thing we'll never do is solve your problems. That's because we don't believe in problem solving. In the traditional problem-solving approach, you look for things that aren't working and try to make them better. We believe that when you do that, you come away feeling overwhelmed and not particularly inspired.

We prefer to focus on what's working in your organization. When you pay attention to what's working well and commit to replicating those conditions in your organization, your team will come away inspired and energized and they'll actually want to change the things that aren't working.

We use a similar approach in our work with individuals. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, we look at your strengths. Because once you know what your strengths are, you can never go back to ignoring them again.

"What we pay attention to is what we see more of."