Our Partners

If you don't bring your values to work with you every day, where do they go?

christie Christie Andrus, Chief Executive, The Human Factor

I started this company because I believe that people will do the right things when you create the right conditions. I've chosen my partners because they feel the same way.

Everyone in our partner community contributes a wealth of relevant expertise that can help the people in your organization work together better.

They allow me to offer you expanded, complementary services, and they do something else: They help me live out The Human Factor's values every day. We listen to each other, we think together and we work from our strengths to build stronger organizations, for ourselves and for you.

Separately, we're talented professionals with decades of experience. Together we're so much more.

• M.A., Organizational Behaviour, Leadership & Training, Royal Roads University
• Advanced Training: Appreciative Inquiry Certificate with Gervase Bushe, Simon Fraser University
• Advanced Training: Psychometric Assessments for Hiring, Coaching & Leadership Development, Profiles International
• Online Curriculum Development Certificate, University of London
• 25+ years of experience in training, assessment, team building and facilitation

g-jackson George Jackson, Innovation and Creativity Facilitator

Associate, Queen's Executive Decision Centre

I take what Christie does and I build on it with distinct and complementary services around innovation and creativity. I bring tools, techniques and processes for productive thinking and finding innovative solutions. My processes allow for both creative and critical thinking and will leave you with new tools and new perspectives. I'm drawn to Christie because of our like-mindedness: We both believe that success comes in cans.

• 20-year career with Queen's Executive Decision Centre
• Certified Thinkx Productive Thinking Facilitator
• Founder, Limestone Innovation and Design Salon

a-rhodes Ann Rhodes, Human Resources Management Specialist

HR Management on Demand

I'm a specialist in all aspects of HR management and strategy. That means creating job descriptions, crafting customized policies and procedures, sourcing, selection, recruitment and retention and performance appraisal and management, including termination. I'm proud to count Christie among my partners because she approaches her work with the same professionalism, respect and humanity that my clients expect from me.

• B.A., Psychology, University of Huddersfield, England
• 25+ years working in business with a focus on senior management
• Long-term clients across Ontario

a-lister Andrew Lister, Labour Lawyer

Lister Beaupre, Lawyers

My firm specializes in administrative law, civil litigation, human rights cases and employment law from both the employer's and the employee's sides. My practice is very client-centric. I believe that being a good lawyer is about more than just practicing law well, and it's about more than just being a good business person; it's about being a good person and doing the right thing at every opportunity. And that's part of what drew me to Christie. She has a lot of integrity, which is something you don't always see in the business world.

• L.L.B., L.C.L., McGill University. L.L.M., London School of Economics
• Professor of Advanced Employment Law, University of Ottawa
• Professor of Industrial Relations and Public Administration, Carleton University

Catherine Noie

catherine noie, coach & team-builder

Intrigued by Christie's work with people, I joined the Human Factor to work with those looking to discover and apply their strengths in new ways in their careers. My experience with one-on-one coaching and personal development, as well as having lived through my own career search, gives me familiarity with the question, ‘what’s next?’. Like many of you, I’ve explored a variety of fields, but have always had a love for helping others; with my background in the study of behavior (both human and animal), I’m now focused on the people side of the science. My work with the Human Factor gives me the opportunity to help others use objective data to make good life choices. Always fascinated by individual differences among people, I work to focus on your specific traits and help you play to your strengths- both in work and life.

• B.S. Psychology, Colorado State University
• M.A. Biology, The Citadel Graduate College
• 8+ years mentoring and guiding others through life changes

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." -- Aristotle