Relationships & Results

Great leaders recognize that each person is motivated differently, that each person has their own way of thinking and their own style of relating to others. ….But they don't bemoan those differences and try to grind them down. Instead they capitalize on them. They try to help each person become more and more of who he / she already is.

In modern organizations, relationships have been denigrated- we call them soft and discretionary to business. This thinking is wasteful and has cost us a fortune in lost revenue, productivity, innovation, lean processes and effectiveness. We need to develop our relationships at the front end of business conversations and through our change processes.

• The quality and potential of business conversations is in direct proportion to the level of trust between participants. The higher the trust, the more authentic, open, honest, holistic and creative are the conversations and solutions. When relationships between people are strong, trust is strong because people will open up and identify the real adaptive issues and opportunities in change.
• In this module, prior to the workshop, participants individually take the online core traits assessment to build a picture of their natural strengths – their work profile.
• We'll use these profiles to show how to release more of your natural strengths, creativity and discretionary efforts as individuals and within the team.

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See below the surface to capitalize on the strengths.