When you listen to Christie Andrus speak, you'll feel like you're sitting down for coffee with a trusted friend. Only this friend just happens to have shared her insights on performance improvement with corporate, small business and business school audiences from coast to coast in Canada and the U.S.

Christie will draw on her work experience and her background as a professor of human behaviour to introduce you to concepts that will help you get the most out of the people in your organization, even in these trying times.

In her lively, interactive presentations, Christie will challenge you to let go of old assumptions and unlock the door to new possibilities. She'll inspire you to explore new ideas and see alternatives that you've never considered before. And she'll leave you with practical, common-sense solutions that you can apply immediately in your organization.


Appreciative Inquiry: A Positively Innovative Approach
There's an uplifting alternative to traditional problem solving. Christie will introduce you to this revolutionary approach and the world of possibilities that come with it.

Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others
How well do you know the members of your team? And for that matter, how well do you know yourself? As Christie explains, when you're learning to work together better, a little knowledge can take you a long way.

Communicating to Engage
When profits and productivity are on the line, everything is ripe for re-evaluation, including the way you communicate. Christie takes a look at the inner workings of interpersonal communication and shares a few tips to help you keep the channels open.

When Theory Met Practice: Observations from the Frontlines
Theory is great, but what happens when we try it out in the real world? Christie shares insights from her experiences with leaders who are working to make a difference in their worlds.

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