Developing a Positive Culture: IPG

This small local financial company called us to help with performance reviews, hiring, workflow and culture challenges. We're working with them to help them build a strengths-based approach. We've developed a trusting relationship and their progress has been slow but steady.

Richard Kizell, Manager

We had some good employees, but they were not happy and when that happens, you want to find out why. Christie helped with staff turnover and hiring people. It's working out very well.

The thing I really liked about Christie from the start was that she listens. That's the most important thing. Also, she's very positive. She has constructive ideas. She knows the people and knows how to help them.

It's nice in a small organization to have expertise like that to call upon. She sees the bigger view. She works with small and big companies and the fact that she brings her expertise to someone like me to access it on an ad hoc consulting basis is fantastic.

She's helped to manage the culture when there's a problem. When we call her, we're at our worst, but she gets us out of that pretty quickly.