Rediscovering What Matters: A Local Non-Profit Organization

They had some challenges inside of their culture and they needed to do some healing. We closed down for a day and got the whole staff together. We did some things to help them find their centre again, to remind them why they were all there and that they're good people and that there are ways to work more effectively together.

General Manager

There are always peaks and valleys in an organization and we were having some problems. Alliances were forming and we were noticing some separations. Christie brought us together and we became one team again. We realized that despite our differences, many of our visions and goals are the same.

She also gave us the opportunity to dream and be creative. It made us realize what's important to each of us in terms of family and relationships and work.

Christie is very dynamic, but she's not intimidating at all. She's very comfortable talking with senior management people, but she's just as comfortable with the maintenance staff. She has the ability to keep everyone engaged -- even the people who came in rolling their eyes and thinking "here we go again."

There have definitely been improvements as a result of the workshop. It was a day when everyone was equal and everyone's theories were considered. It helped make people feel that they were part of the team. Before that, people had thought that they weren't being listened to.

At the end, a document was produced where we recorded our priorities. We still have it. It keeps us focused on who we are and what we need to do. We should do this every year, because it was that helpful.