A Strengths-Based Solution: A Local Communications Company

They were having a people challenge at the senior table. We helped them with that and now they use us as a consultant. We help them put the right people in the right places. Sometimes people just need to be reminded that they're already on the right track.

Company President

The first time we brought Christie in, we had an issue with a long-term employee. He was great at his job, but he couldn't work with me or my VP. We were to the point where we were going to let him go. We met with Christie and she said that she wasn't going to help us build a case to fire him; she was going to make the situation better. And she did.

In essence, she taught him that he was acting outside of his strengths when he didn't have to. We had no idea what the problem was, but she figured it out and helped us devise a strategy to deal with it. It ended up that we didn't have to let him go, and in fact, he's still with us.

After that, she helped us with some employees who weren't getting along. Every time we brought her here, we thought the staff wouldn't like it, but they always do. Christie has an uncanny ability to get even the most difficult employee to talk to her. She has an amazing ability to build trust. She may not make every situation perfect, but she certainly makes things better.