Sorting Through the Options: Erin Meisner

Erin was a student of mine a long time ago. She went on to do her degree and has done some interesting work and she was looking to make some changes in her career, so I assessed her. She knew things were going well and she had lots of options. The process helped her clarify what was right about her path.

I was at a place in my life where I was looking to do some career assessment and Christie did that for me. It was a good process for me to go through. It reaffirmed that I was doing things for the right reasons. It proved that I wasn't crazy.

I had a very broad range and it made it hard to figure out. It was like why couldn't I just want to be a teacher or one specific thing? And Christie made me feel that it was OK.

Christie is very energizing. She motivates you and makes you feel excited about what she's doing. It's her passion and it's what she's meant to do. It's what I aspire to myself – to be naturally successful because you're passionate about what you're doing.

When I met with Christie, I had quit my job and gone back to school and I was just getting ready to go back to work. I was feeling discouraged, but she made me feel like the right job would come. And it did a couple of months later.

My job is right for me right now. It's allowing me to get the experience I need to move toward what I really want to do. I see the path and the connection to where I want to be. It's not just that I'm hoping for it, I can really see it clearly, and it's because of the process that I went through with Christie.