Connecting with Excitement: Julie Goldberg-Danna

Julie was looking at career options, so I coached her and she created a job for herself in Ottawa.

I have a cousin who also does this sort of thing, but I called Christie instead because I connected with her. She asked some very good questions and she didn't give me advice, but it was more like she glided me toward the right decision. One of her incredible skills is that she can listen. She hears what I say and she can repeat it back to me – not verbatim, but she can capture my emotions.

I used to sell malpractice insurance. Now I have a job where I don't know what I'm doing. I met a man who did work in a hospital with wait-time management, which I'm very passionate about. So I chased him down and I got this job. But then I got insecure about it. I thought I'd pushed too far.

Christie brought me back to reality and reminded me of who I was. She knows people very quickly. She just brings out the excitement in people. Everyone has some excitement in them but sometimes it goes dormant. Christie can connect you to that and help you find it again because she sees it.