Respectful Coaching: Kris Ellis

Kris was part of a team of seasoned professionals that worked together to deliver a range of services to a large public-sector workplace. She has a wealth of experience and a lot of successes to build on, as did one of her colleagues who tended to approach things differently than she did. There was enormous potential for the two of them to do great work together if they could find a way to see beyond their differences. There was also great potential for them to stand in judgement of each other.

I had a colleague that I didn't see eye to eye with. We just have very different styles, and I'm used to being in charge. It was an ongoing frustration. Christie was instrumental in working through the conflict and helping me see things in a different way and from a different perspective. I've never seen anyone do it the way she does. The way she did it was so respectful. It was done in a very honouring way of being able to empathize with both of us.

I wouldn't say that it became easier to work with my colleague, but it did become easier to understand them. Christie helped me become more socially intelligent and more emotionally intelligent, but without telling me what to do. She listened to everything I said and didn't denigrate anything. I felt I could be honest with her and still be respected and valued. And I never, ever felt patronized. She coached me and mentored me, but she never patronized me.

I really enjoy seeing her in action, seeing how she gets people to speak from a place of respect and feeling without getting to the negative. She can facilitate even the hardest sessions from a place of holistic honour. Anyone who has the luck to work with her and learn from her is truly blessed.