Because we believe that good things happen when people share their stories, we want to share our stories with you. We’re not just going to tell you what we do, we’ll show you how we’ve done it for organizations just like yours and people just like you.



Developing a Positive Culture: IPG
Engaging the Heart: Stroke Network of Eastern Ontario
Opening the Lines of Communication:Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario
Changing the Way We Think: University of Waterloo, Housing Division
Rediscovering What Matters
: A Local Non-Profit Organization
A Strengths-Based Solution: A Local Communications Company
Changing Attitudes to Change Results: Alzheimer Society of Kingston
Impacting the Culture: University of Waterloo, Housing Division
Working Together Better: The Iron Ore Company


Sorting Through the Options: Erin Meisner
Connecting with Excitement: Julie Goldberg-Danna
Unconventional Methods, Extraordinary Results: Sandra McGuire
Respectful Coaching: Kris Ellis







"When trying to find to creative solutions, it is important to look in both usual and unusual places."