Without objective tools, all you've got is opinion.

Whether you're evaluating a prospective new team member or looking for the best ways to work with your current team, an objective observer can be your most important ally. That's why we're a partner with Profiles International Inc., a world leader in employee assessments.

Objective assessment tools can help you know and understand yourself and your team mates so that you can build an organization where everyone is working from their strengths. We believe that's the only way to build a strong organization.

Profile XT

The Profile XT helps us identify your core traits and determine whether the work and the workplace are playing to your strengths. When we use it with groups, it gives us insight into the team, allowing you to devise strategies to support the culture -- both for those who match the team profile and for those who don't. We use it in hiring, training and coaching.

Checkpoint 360

The Checkpoint 360 helps leaders understand how they're perceived within the organization and devise strategies to manage those perceptions and move toward peak performance and improved productivity.

"The real voyage is not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes."
Marcel Proust