Knowledge is like good wine. It's even better when you share it.

You've heard that knowledge is power.

Well, we believe in spreading our knowledge and sharing our power. Our training programs are available for individuals and groups, in-person and online, and at introductory and advanced levels. Book a customized session or check out our calendar for details on the next public session.

Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

We talk a lot about Appreciative Inquiry and the results it can generate, but what is it really all about? Our AI Training program gives you an in-depth look at the philosophy behind this groundbreaking strengths-based technique and teaches you to put it to work in your organization.

Introductory Session
For: Everyone
Length: Half day
Cost: $250.00

Multi-session Certificate Program
For: Aspiring practitioners
Length: 4 days
Cost: $1,500.00

Special 3 Day Session for Aspiring Practioners

September 24-26th 2014 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Cost: $900.00 + hst

Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others
Are you looking for insight into yourself and the people around you? Are you ready to go beyond the textbooks and learn new ways to get the most of your team? We'll use our objective assessment tools to help you gain a new, strengths-based, understanding of yourself. Then we'll work with you to develop an action plan to help you capitalize on your strengths as you interact with your team mates. Take it on your own and learn to put your strengths to work for you. Take it with your team and learn to work together better.

Individual Session
For: Team leaders, managers
Cost: $250.00 (includes individual online assessment and debriefing)

Team Session (for teams of 4 or more)
For: All team members
Length: Half day
Cost: $1,100.00 for half-day debriefing session and customized team profile + $225.00 per person (includes individual online assessments)

Communicating to Engage

We're all seasoned communicators. After all, we communicate with each other every day. Yet most of the problems that arise in the workplace can be boiled down to communication issues. Maybe you don't feel that people are listening to you. Maybe your colleagues feel you don't listen to them. In this course, you'll learn techniques to help you listen to the people around you and we'll teach you how to talk so that others listen to you.

Introductory Session
For: Everyone
Length: Half day
Cost: $300.00 per person

Advanced Session
For: Leaders
Pre-requisite: Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others
Length: 24 hours
Cost: $1,250.00

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and youfeed him for his lifetime."
Chinese proverb