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11.04.2011 - Look Who's Back

We've just wrapped up a major strategic development project in the healthcare sector that allowed us to put our methods to the test on a bigger scale than we've attempted to date. The results leave us more convinced than ever that Appreciative Inquiry works where traditional methods may not. While traditional methods yield traditional results, appreciative methods have led directly to breakthroughs and synergies that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

We also witnessed firsthand the power of community building and the importance of creating conditions where every member of an organization can feel comfortable enough to speak up and join the conversation. And we learned how exciting it can be when a leader is courageous enough to say "I don't have all the answers."

The experience has strengthened our belief in appreciative methods and inspired us to expand our line of products and services to help you discover the power of collaboration and transform your organization.

Our new training sessions and materials will give you the tools and the knowledge to help you change your world of work, one human at a time.