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2011.08.11 - change is in the air

We've been sensing a change in the air lately. The leaders we work with are hungry for a new approach, and they're not alone.

Just check the business section of your favourite bookstore and you'll see title after title about positivity and the importance of playing to people's strengths. These titles reflect a widespread desire for something new. We see it every day: The leaders we meet in every sector are tired of the same old strategies and the same old results. They know where they want to go and they're ready and willing to explore new ways to get there.

Part of it is because of the economy. With increasing pressure to produce, leaders are losing patience with traditional methods because they don't yield results.

Another influential factor is the demographic shift. Younger employees have higher expectations about their work experience: They want to be part of a workplace that nurtures them, and they aren't prepared to settle for less.

All of this has led to a new acceptance of Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based methods. Where leaders had been sceptical, they're now open to trying. And once they try it, they observe a shift in their culture and they're ready for more.

Our clients report emerging from our sessions feeling excited and relieved. Most of all, they say they feel validated because they were finally able to bring their vision to life, which leaves them feeling refreshed and inspired and ready to move forward.